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About The Company

The Charleston Shag Company and website were founded to assist Jerry and Barbara Wade in their efforts to help preserve South Carolina’s state dance, The Shag. For years they have encouraged others to learn about the shag and to get down to the “basics” through their participation in events that promote The Shag to current & future generations.

Throughout the years Jerry & Barbara have been invited to teach classes at various Shag workshops throughout the Southeast, these include:

  • Virginia Beach Bash
  • Shaggin’ on the Santee
  • Shag Day - JB Pivots
  • Geechie Blast
  • Shaggers Holiday
  • Shaggin on the Kiawah
  • Savannah's Southern Charm

By creating steps to teach at these workshops, Jerry and Barbara are developing new techniques to share with the seasoned Shagger.

In addition to working with those familiar with The Shag, Jerry & Barbara welcome the opportunity to introduce newcomers to The Shag. They are asked regularly to address corporate conventions held in Charleston. During these sessions they present a brief history of The Shag, a demonstration of The Shag and teach audience members basic steps. If you’d like to contact Jerry and Barbara about presenting a Jerry and Barbaraworkshop on The Shag during your next corporate event, please call or email us. They thoroughly enjoy seeing others learn The Shag!

Their commitment to the dance is evident by the amount of time they devote to it. They love the music, the dance, the people and the friendships they’ve made over the years. After committing so much time to teaching others The Shag, they have been asked to produce instructional videos for those who can’t make it to class on a regular basis. Jerry and Barbara have produced two videos to date, Mirror Steps and Basic Shag I. Charleston Shag Company will help distribute these videos - check them out in the How-to-Shag Videos section of this site. You will see their unique teaching style in these videos that you’d find attending their class in person.

Charleston Shag Company supports many DJ's who play fantastic music for shaggers around the Lowcountry.

For a listing of recommended DJ's check out Shag Links.